Multitrack Minds is home to audio projects by Chris Maffei


I write, record, and produce original music and covers for various projects, including podcasts and short films.

Below are links to some of my playlists and projects on SoundCloud and YouTube.


I produce and edit podcasts, as well as create imaging and original music.

Below are links to my credits as well as current and past shows that I have worked on.

LIU Studios Podcasts

Work Performed: Editing, Mixing, Engineering, Imaging Production, Promo Production, Show Notes & Show Descriptions, Podcast Feed Set-Up & Distribution, Episode Tagging & Uploading, Graphic Design

Freelance Work

The Song That Got Me Through

Audio Editing, Mixing, & Restoration

Student Life Skills

Audio Editing, Mixing, & Restoration

Warrior Peak Performance

Audio Editing, Mixing, & Restoration

POST Puroresu

Custom Music Production
(Intro Theme)

What The Flux: The Podcast

Custom Music & Imaging Production

Is It Wrong To Have A Light Novel Title For A Podcast?

Custom Music Production
(Intro & Outro Theme)

Personal Projects

Music of the Mat

I produced and co-hosted Music of the Mat in 2017 as part of the Voices of Wrestling Podcast Network.

Work Performed: Hosting, Editing, Mixing, Imaging Production, Topic Selection, Research, Guest Booking, Social Media


Audio production and editing for any level of project, whether your needs are simple or advanced.
Inquire for rates.

Simple Audio Editing

Basic audio editing/sweetening (including noise reduction, EQ, compression, limiting) and inserting intro, outro, music, and other elements.

Advanced Audio Editing

Everything above, plus a thorough comb-through and spot removal of any unwanted noise (mouth clicks, pops, umms, ahhs, etc.) and tightening up gaps in audio. Rate depends on the audio length and amount of clean-up required.

Imaging: Intros & Outros, Liners, Drops, Promo Ads

Fully produced custom imaging for your podcast or any other project, complete with a voice over reading copy of your choosing. Will include SFX and any provided music.

Custom Music Production

Fully produced custom instrumental music for your podcast or any other project. I can produce many different styles of music and will tailor the music to your specifications. Exclusive lifetime license or non-exclusive license with attribution.



Chris Maffei

Audio production has been my passion since the age of 15. My work includes the production of radio commercials, promos, and imaging, as well as talk programs and podcasts. I have worked for LIU Public Radio as Production Director and 1010 WINS Radio as a Commercial Producer.

My services are available for freelance audio production, podcast production and editing, music production (including custom music for podcasts, video projects, etc.) and voice overs. I enjoy all aspects of the production process from pre-to-post and I'd love to help make your project a reality!